nfl preseason power rankings 2023

NFL Preseason Power Rankings 2023

NFL Power Rankings Following 2023 Preseason: As the NFL preseason curtains fall, all eyes are now on the impending regular season and the quest for Super Bowl 58 supremacy.

A headline that’s been grabbing attention post the NFL Power Rankings Following 2023 Preseason is the debut of the top three rookie quarterbacks from the 2023 NFL Draft. Notably, CJ Stroud, the impressive second pick, has been chosen as the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans by Head Coach DeMeco Ryans.

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Will these rookies carve a path to the playoffs for their teams? Dive into this week’s edition of NFL Power Rankings Following the 2023 Preseason, where I dissect the Super Bowl favorites and their chances.

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NFL • 2023-24 Futures – Super Bowl Winner – Best NFL Superbowl Bets 2023

Kansas City Chiefs +600
Philadelphia Eagles +800
Buffalo Bills +900
San Francisco 49ers +1000
Cincinnati Bengals +1100

NFL Preseason Power Rankings 2023

1. Kansas City Chiefs (+600)

In the NFL preseason power rankings 2023, the Chiefs come in at the top. With Patrick Mahomes leading the charge, they remain dominant contenders for the Super Bowl title.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (+800)

One of the most promising teams this year as per the NFL preseason power rankings 2023. The Eagles possess a strong depth that makes them top contenders in the NFC East.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (+1100)

The Bengals have continuously shown potential in the past seasons. The NFL preseason power rankings 2023 question: Is this the time they secure a Super Bowl victory with Joe Burrow?

4. Buffalo Bills (+1000)

In the NFL preseason power rankings 2023, Josh Allen’s Bills may not be the top favorites in the AFC, but they are gearing up to surprise many as dark horses.

5. San Francisco 49ers (+1000)

The 49ers have made a bold move with Brock Purdy, as noted in the NFL preseason power rankings 2023. With Trey Lance gone, it’s Purdy’s era in San Francisco.

NFL Preseason Power Rankings 2023

6. Baltimore Ravens (+1800)

A consistent name in the playoff talks, the Ravens’ success largely depends on Lamar Jackson’s fitness.

7. New York Jets (+1800)

The Jets, backed by Aaron Rodgers’ outstanding preseason performance, are determined to make the playoffs in 2023. This is a great value bet to take here.

8. Dallas Cowboys (+1400)

The NFL preseason power rankings 2023 see the Cowboys’ success hinging on Dak Prescott’s MVP-caliber performance, even with Trey Lance now in Dallas.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (+3000)

A surprising yet potential contender in the AFC South, the Jaguars are stealthily eyeing the division title.

10. Los Angeles Chargers (+2500)

The Chargers are aiming for a playoff berth amidst the tough competition in the AFC West, as per the NFL preseason power rankings 2023.

11. Detroit Lions (+2200)

Emerging as favorites in the NFC North, the Lions are riding high on their impressive 2022 finish.

12. Miami Dolphins (+2500)

While they’re a popular choice this season, health remains a primary concern for the Dolphins.

13. Minnesota Vikings (+3500)

The Vikings, with Kirk Cousins at the helm, are looking to clinch the NFC North against newer and less tested teams.

NFL Preseason Power Rankings 2023

14. Seattle Seahawks (+3500)

Seattle, with its youthful team, needs Geno Smith to reaffirm that 2022’s success wasn’t just a one-off. If he can do that, this may be a sneaky Super Bowl bet, given Seattle’s defensive prowess under Pete Carroll. 

15. Cleveland Browns (+3500)

Deshaun Watson remains crucial for the Browns’ playoff hopes, even though his recent offseason performance raised some eyebrows.

16. New Orleans Saints (+4000)

With the NFC South title within reach, all eyes are on Derek Carr to overcome his 2022 slump.

17. Denver Broncos (+4500)

The Broncos remain an unpredictable entity, but Russell Wilson’s synergy with Sean Payton could change their postseason prospects.

18. New England Patriots (+6500)

Never underestimate a Belichick team, but the jury is still out on Mac Jones according to the NFL preseason power rankings 2023.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (+5000)

While they face stiff divisional competition, the Steelers, with Kenny Pickett, are hopeful for a balanced season.

20. New York Giants (+6500)

After progressive improvement in 2022, the Giants are optimistic about Daniel Jones continuing his upward trajectory.

21. Atlanta Falcons (+6000)

The Falcons, with one of the easiest schedules, await Desmond Ridder’s debut as a key to their NFC South dreams.

22. Green Bay Packers (+6500)

I am ranking the Packers cautiously until Jordan Love’s potential becomes clearer.

NFL Power Rankings

23. Chicago Bears (+6000)

While there’s faith in Justin Fields, the overall team’s performance remains a question.

24. Tennessee Titans (+8000)

If not in the playoff contention, the Titans may explore options with Will Levis or Malik Willis.

25. Carolina Panthers (+8000)

Rookie Bryce Young showed potential in the preseason, but can he help clinch the NFC South?

26. Las Vegas Raiders (+8000)

Despite the addition of Jimmy Garoppolo, the Raiders face tough competition in their division.

27. Los Angeles Rams (+8000)

A fit and in-form Matthew Stafford can significantly change the Rams’ 2023 outlook.

28. Washington Commanders (+6500)

The Commanders are giving Sam Howell the lead, but his NFL capabilities remain to be tested.

NFL Power Rankings 2023

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+10000)

Tampa Bay’s odds shift indicates the team might have missed an opportunity with Trey Lance, given their QB situation. I think Baker Mayfield has potential with the right tools and offensive scheme (which they have), but he’s no Tom Brady.

30. Indianapolis Colts (+15000)

Anthony Richardson’s dual-threat prowess makes him a player to watch, but odds suggest a tough season for the Colts.

31. Houston Texans (+20000)

While CJ Stroud brings hope, the Texans’ supporting cast remains a concern. They are going somewhat in the right direction of a rebuild, though.

32. Arizona Cardinals (+40000)

Starting the season without Kyler Murray and a further weakened roster, the Cardinals face a challenging 2023.

NFL Power Rankings 2023

NFL Power Rankings 2023: Top 15 Teams Post-Draft

Welcome to our latest edition of the NFL power rankings 2023. We’re here to deliver an in-depth analysis of the top teams and their maneuvers during the draft and offseason.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Maintaining Top Spot

NFL Power Rankings 2023

Pre-Draft Ranking: 1

The NFL power rankings 2023 still place the Chiefs at the top, thanks to a solid draft strategy. They have fortified their ranks with an exceptional edge defender and equipped their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, with new targets. The notable pick Anudike-Uzomah posted PFF grades of 74.0 or higher in the last two seasons.

2. Philadelphia Eagles – A Strong Ascent

Pre-Draft Ranking: 3

The Eagles are drawing attention in the NFL power rankings 2023 with their smart draft moves. They bolstered their defense by adding three players from Georgia, complementing the two Bulldogs they picked last year.

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3. San Francisco 49ers – Aiming for Reinforcement

Pre-Draft Ranking: 2

The 49ers are looking to fill their gaps in the linebacker and cornerback positions after key departures. Their choices of Darrell Luter Jr., Dee Winters, and Jalen Graham in the draft are promising.

4. Cincinnati Bengals – Addressing Key Losses

Pre-Draft Ranking: 5

The Bengals’ choice to draft Alabama’s Jordan Battle was a smart move to fill the void left by the departures of Jessie Bates III and Vonn Bell, both starting safeties.

5. Buffalo Bills – Struggling to Stay in the Top 5

Pre-Draft Ranking: 4

The Bills’ defense took a hit with the departure of Tremaine Edmunds. They have managed to keep some stability by retaining Jordan Poyer and Matt Milano.

6. New York Jets – Surging in the Rankings

NFL Power Rankings 2023

Pre-Draft Ranking: 17

The Jets have soared in the NFL power rankings 2023 with their aggressive off-season strategy. They have signed quarterback Aaron Rodgers and crafted a new receiver line-up.

7. Dallas Cowboys – Focusing on Defense

Pre-Draft Ranking: 6

The Cowboys addressed their struggles against the run by drafting Smith, who posted solid PFF grades in the last two seasons.

8. Los Angeles Chargers – Strengthening the Offense

Pre-Draft Ranking: 7

Johnston, a wide receiver with standout stats from 2022, adds strength to the Charger’s offense, which underperformed in certain areas last year.

9. Cleveland Browns – Reinforcing Defense

Pre-Draft Ranking: 21

The Browns, one of the biggest climbers in the NFL power rankings 2023, have reinforced their defense with the addition of key players this offseason.

10. Baltimore Ravens – Adding Depth to Receiver Ranks

Pre-Draft Ranking: 9

Despite signing notable free agents, the Ravens continued to reinforce their receiver department by drafting Zay Flowers in the first round.

11. Miami Dolphins – Smart Trading

Pre-Draft Ranking: 10

The Dolphins made smart trades in the offseason, acquiring Jalen Ramsey and David Long.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars – Betting on New Talent

Pre-Draft Ranking: 12

The Jaguars’ decision to draft Anton Harrison will prove crucial as Cam Robinson serves his suspension.

13. New York Giants – Aiming for Stability

Pre-Draft Ranking: 14

The Giants are hoping to bounce back after a lackluster defensive performance last year, with Banks expected to bring some much-needed stability to the team.

14. Minnesota Vikings – Bolstering Roster

Pre-Draft Ranking: 8

The Vikings have been active in the free agency, securing the services of promising players like Josh Oliver and Marcus Davenport.

15. Detroit Lions – Filling the Void

Pre-Draft Ranking: 13

The trade of Jeffrey Okudah led the Lions to recruit Brian Branch, who will be instrumental in redefining their defensive backline.

Top 10 NFL Coaches of All Time

Top 10 NFL Coaches of All Time 2023

Here’s a list featuring the top 10 NFL coaches of all time, each leaving an indelible impact on the sport and setting the bar high for future generations:

1. John Madden:

Recognized by many as the face of a popular football video game, John Madden made an incredible impact on the NFL, both as a coach with a stellar .759 winning percentage and as a celebrated figure in the broadcast booth.

2. Bill Parcells:

Known as “The Big Tuna,” Bill Parcells led two teams to Super Bowl victories and was renowned for transforming underperforming teams into formidable contenders. His winning percentage was .569.

3. Joe Gibbs:

The lauded head coach of the Washington Redskins, Joe Gibbs, led his team to three Super Bowl victories. His ability to adapt and his emphasis on team unity, along with a career-winning percentage of .621, ensured his place in NFL history.


4. Tom Landry:

Known for a revolutionizing defensive strategy, Tom Landry introduced the Flex Defense and the 4-3 defense which are commonly used in the NFL today. With a career-winning percentage of .607, he is one of the game’s most respected figures.

5. Paul Brown:

With a winning percentage of .672, Paul Brown was an unparalleled innovator, introducing the practice of studying game film and testing players on the playbook. His attention to detail and emphasis on fundamentals have shaped the game.

top 10 nfl coaches of all time

6. Chuck Noll:

The architect of the Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty of the 1970s, Chuck Noll’s teams secured four Super Bowl victories. His commitment to resilience, discipline, and player development, led to a winning percentage of .566.

7. Bill Walsh:

The mastermind behind the San Francisco 49ers’ three Super Bowl victories, Walsh revolutionized offensive football with the West Coast Offense. His winning percentage was .609.

8. Don Shula:

Holding the record as the winningest coach in league history, Don Shula led the Miami Dolphins to the only perfect season in NFL history. His dedication to preparation and consistency ensured a winning percentage of .677.

9. Bill Belichick:

Known as the strategic genius behind the New England Patriots dynasty, Belichick boasts six Super Bowl victories and a winning percentage of .662. His meticulous planning and attention to detail put him among the greats of the game.

10. Vince Lombardi:

Known for his commitment to discipline and work ethic, Vince Lombardi won five NFL Championships, including the first two Super Bowls. He never had a losing season in his 10-year career and the Super Bowl trophy is named in his honor. With a career-winning percentage of .738, Lombardi is widely considered the greatest NFL coach of all time.

FAQs About Top 10 NFL Coaches of All Time

Who is considered the best NFL coach of all time?

With the highest number of wins under his belt, Don Shula is frequently recognized as one of the best NFL coaches of all time. His illustrious coaching career began with the Baltimore Colts, leading them to Super Bowl III in the 1968 season.

Who are the top 10 head coaches in the NFL?

The NFL’s greatest head coaches include Bill Parcells, Chuck Noll, Tom Landry, George Halas, Paul Brown, Joe Gibbs, Don Shula, and Bill Walsh.

Who is considered the greatest coach of all time and why?

Sir Alex Ferguson is widely acknowledged as the greatest coach across all sports. The IFFHS ranked him as the world’s best coach from 1996 to 2022. He coached for 39 years from 1974 to 2013, overseeing 2,153 games.

Who is the toughest NFL coach?

From the perspective of a former player, some of the most demanding coaches in the NFL include Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins, Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers, and Jeff Fisher of the St. Louis Rams, among others.

What coach has the most Super Bowl rings?

Bill Belichick holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins with six victories to his name. He also holds the record for the most Super Bowl appearances, with nine in total.

Who is the winningest team in NFL history?

As of the beginning of the 2023 NFL season, the Green Bay Packers hold the record for the most regular-season victories. The team has competed in five Super Bowls and clinched the championship four times.

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USFL QB Rankings 2023: Top 5 USFL QBs Right Now

Another USFL week has gone by! Now in week 9 of the USFL season, each team’s USFL QB is fighting for a playoff spot.

With no USFL team having secured a playoff position yet, every USFL QB fought hard this week. Going into week 9, all eight USFL teams have the chance to make the playoffs and must rely on their quarterbacks during the last two weeks of the season.

1. Alex McGough – USFL QB 2023 – Birmingham Stallions

USFL stats for the week: 24 out of 35 passes completed, 333 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 5 rushing attempts, 19 rushing yards, and 1 fumble.

McGough’s MVP season continues and he has established a significant lead over any potential challengers. He secured another victory for the Stallions with another 300+ yard performance and a fourth-quarter game-winning drive.

The Stallions are currently the best team in the USFL after the first 8 weeks of the season. McGough has also reached a significant milestone. He has become the first modern USFL player to achieve 20 touchdowns, with 16 of them via passes and 4 via rushes.

2. Case Cookus – USFL QB 2023 – Philadelphia Stars

This week’s statistics: 20 completions out of 32 attempts, 265 yards gained from passing, 3 touchdowns scored, 1 interception thrown, 5 rushes attempted, and 19 yards gained from rushing.

Despite Cookus’ heroic effort, the Stars suffered a loss to Alex McGough, the current MVP front runner, who led a game-winning drive and beat Philadelphia by just three points. The Stars still hold the top spot. Cookus has helped make the Stars a much more formidable opponent against the league’s strongest teams.

As a side note, Cookus has thrown for over 3,000 USFL career passing yards and achieved his 20th, 21st, and 22nd career touchdown passes during his time in the league.

3. McLeod Bethel-Thompson – USFL 2023 – New Orleans Breakers


The statistics for this week showcase an impressive 25 completions out of 34 attempted passes, 328 yards gained from passing, 2 touchdowns scored, and 2 interceptions thrown.

Despite some inconsistent play in week 8, MBT managed to lead the Breakers back to victory. The CFL all-star quarterback utilized his versatile offensive weapons, resulting in Johnnie Dixon and Johnathan Adams both recording over 100 receiving yards.

Although MBT threw two interceptions (with one being a result of a tipped pass from his receiver’s hand), he still provided stability for the Breakers by efficiently distributing the ball to their dynamic playmakers.

4. Josh Love – USFL QB 2023 – Michigan Panthers

USFL QB Rankings

This week’s statistics: 22/32 completion rate with 221 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, 2 rushing attempts for 8 yards, and 1 fumble.

After a much-needed victory in Week 7, a slow start and questionable clock management was the downfall of the Panthers in Week 8.

With Michigan primed for two back-to-back battles against Northern opponents look and Love playing his best three weeks of football the Panthers will lean on the San Jose State alum to will them into a playoff berth.

5. Cole Kelley – USFL QB 2023 – Memphis Showboats

cole kelley usfl

Recording the statistics for this week, there were 15 completions out of 24 attempted passes for 176 passing yards, 0 touchdowns scored, and 1 interception thrown. Additionally, there were 12 rushing attempts resulting in 24 yards gained and no touchdowns. However, a single fumble was recorded during the game.

Despite Cole Kelley making a number of non-statistical plays, his final statistics were slightly blemished by one interception. He has managed to keep the Showboats afloat in the playoff hunt, winning five games in a row and maintaining a 5-3 record, even if it isn’t always pretty.

Who are the quarterbacks in the new USFL?

  • HOUSTON GAMBLERS – Kenji Bahar
  • NEW JERSEY GENERALS – Dakota Prukop/Kyle Lauletta/
  • NEW ORLEANS BREAKERS – McLeod Bethel-Thompson
  • PITTSBURGH MAULERS – Troy Williams

Top 10 Tight Ends of All Time

Top 10 Tight Ends of All Time

Over the years, the tight-end position has significantly evolved. Today’s NFL highlights tight ends as lethal weapons on the field, as seen in the success of players like Travis Kelce. The game has changed from being run-focused to becoming pass-intensive, with tight ends now expected to pose significant downfield threats. Evaluating the greatest tight ends of all time requires an understanding of the era they played in, to accurately gauge their impact on the sport. Here is a definitive countdown of the top 10 NFL tight ends of all time:

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10. Charlie Sanders: Revolutionizing the Position

Regarded as a tight-end pioneer, Charlie Sanders of the Detroit Lions is considered a key figure in transforming the role. Sanders’ athletic prowess, stemming from his basketball background, enabled him to make exceptional catches. His impact on the game earned him a well-deserved spot in the Hall of Fame in 2007.

9. Jason Witten: Dependability Personified

Jason Witten is synonymous with reliability and consistency. His detailed route-running, excellent football IQ, and trustworthy hands contributed to his 17-year successful NFL career. Revered for his toughness and leadership, Witten’s contribution to the Dallas Cowboys remains unparalleled.

8. Mike Ditka: A Two-Dimensional Threat

Top 10 Tight Ends of All Time

The first-ever tight end to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Mike Ditka displayed dominance in both receiving and blocking roles. His physicality and tenacity shaped the future of the tight end position. Ditka’s achievements as a player and later as a coach make him an influential figure in the sport.

7. Antonio Gates: The Athletic Marvel

Antonio Gates’ transition from college basketball to NFL stardom reflects his tremendous athletic ability. Gates’ size, strong hands, and leaping ability made him a consistent playmaker for the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers. His eligibility for the Hall of Fame in 2024 is undoubtedly a given.

6. Ozzie Newsome: The Wizard of Oz

Top 10 Tight Ends of All Time

Ozzie Newsome, known for his outstanding catching skills, accurate route-running, and penchant for clutch plays, secured his position among the greatest NFL tight ends during his career with the Cleveland Browns. His consistent dual-role contribution as a receiver and a blocker solidified his legendary status.

5. Kellen Winslow Sr.: The Game Changer

Top 10 NFL Tight Ends of All Time

Winslow Sr. revolutionized the passing game with his extraordinary receiving skills and athleticism, laying the groundwork for future tight ends. His performances, including the legendary “Epic in Miami” playoff game, immortalized his name in NFL history.

4. Shannon Sharpe: The Versatile Virtuoso

Shannon Sharpe Tight End

Shannon Sharpe’s phenomenal speed and versatility rendered him an integral part of the tight end position evolution. His prowess in stretching the field, making explosive plays, and superior blocking abilities resulted in numerous records and three Super Bowl victories.

3. Tony Gonzalez: The Standard-Bearer

Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez stands out due to his remarkable consistency and superior receiving abilities during his 17-year career. Gonzalez’s versatile contribution as both a blocker and receiver, coupled with record-breaking statistics, establishes him as one of the best tight ends in NFL history.

2. Travis Kelce: The Elite Playmaker

With two Super Bowl titles and eight All-Pro selections, Travis Kelce, along with Patrick Mahomes, forms the most prolific quarterback/tight end duo in NFL history. Kelce’s elite route-running abilities and wide receiver-like agility ensure his place among the NFL’s greatest tight ends.

1. Rob Gronkowski: The Unstoppable Force

Rob Gronkowski, with his imposing size, strength, and athleticism, is a consistent challenge for any defense. Gronkowski’s ability to dominate defenders and execute stunning catches, particularly in the red zone, has cemented his place in history as one of the most formidable tight ends.

His exceptional partnership with Tom Brady has resulted in record-breaking seasons and four Super Bowl victories, making him the undisputed greatest tight end of all time.

Top 10 Tight Ends of All Time

There you have it! The top 10 NFL tight ends of all time have not only exemplified outstanding personal performances but have also redefined the position in their unique ways. From the pioneering efforts of Charlie Sanders to the modern-day dominance of Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce, these players have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Their contributions have transformed the tight end position from a predominantly blocking role to an integral part of a team’s offensive arsenal, adding new dimensions to the game. As we look forward to future NFL seasons, we can only anticipate what new talents will emerge and how they might reshape the ever-evolving tight end position.

FAQs About Top 10 Tight Ends of All Time

Who is the best tight end in history?

The debate for the title of the greatest tight end of all time could potentially boil down to two Chiefs players. Tony Gonzalez, who holds the NFL record for tight end receptions (1,325) and receiving yards (15,127), is certainly in the conversation. His record includes four seasons with over 1,000 yards. Travis Kelce, another Chiefs player, is also considered one of the best with his exceptional on-field performances.

Who are the top 10 NFL tight ends right now?

Here are the top 10 current tight ends in the NFL, ranked:

  • Pat Freiermuth, Steelers
  • Dalton Schultz, Texans
  • Kyle Pitts, Falcons
  • T.J. Hockenson, Lions
  • Dallas Goedert, Eagles
  • Darren Waller, Giants
  • Mark Andrews, Ravens

Who is the biggest tight end in NFL history?

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 10 inches, Morris Stroud is often considered the tallest tight end in NFL history. Additionally, he is also thought to be the second tallest player of any position in the history of the NFL.

Who has the most tight end touchdowns ever?

Antonio Gates is the record holder for the most career total touchdowns by a tight end, boasting an impressive 116 touchdowns.

Who has the most tight end yards in a game?

Travis Kelce holds the record for the most games with over 100 receiving yards by a tight end, with a total of 35 games.

Which tight end has the best stats?

Rob Gronkowski is often considered the best tight end in NFL history, with career stats boasting 960 receptions, 9,286 receiving yards, and 92 touchdowns. He will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2027.

Who is the best blocking TE in the NFL?

49ers player George Kittle is often considered the greatest blocking tight end of all time. His physical playing style has been integral to the 49ers’ offensive success since he entered the league in 2017.

NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat 2023

5 NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat 2023

As the National Football League’s (NFL) voluntary offseason Organized Team Activities (OTAs) continue, the shape of teams’ rosters for the upcoming Fall season starts to materialize. Following the culmination of the NFL Draft and free agency, the outlines of team depth charts have become more defined. As head coaches begin to instill their strategies and set the tempo for the season ahead, the pressure is on to perform. Continue reading to learn the 5 NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat 2023.

The previous season saw the ousting of five head coaches: Kliff Kingsbury, Lovie Smith, Matt Rhule, Frank Reich, and Nathaniel Hackett. Interestingly, only Frank Reich managed to secure another NFL head coaching role, signing with the Carolina Panthers. This trend of hasty coach hiring and firing (evidenced by Hackett’s situation) is expected to persist. With this in mind, here are five NFL coaches on the hot seat heading into the new season, whose performances will be under intense scrutiny from the start.

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Robert Saleh – New York Jets: A Coach on the Hot Seat

There’s a strong possibility that Robert Saleh could have found himself without a job after the 2022-2023 season. The Jets’ downward spiral saw them out of the NFL playoff contention following a six-game losing streak. Although they had a commendable NFL Draft, they lacked a cohesive offensive game plan and concluded near the bottom in total points, scoring a meager 296.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope with the arrival of Aaron Rodgers, set to reinvigorate the Jets. Rodgers brought along his former Packers’ teammates Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb, along with Nathaniel Hackett to steer the offensive. With such lofty expectations, Saleh is among the NFL coaches on the hot seat and could face the music if the Jets fail to take off.

Kevin Stefanski – Cleveland Browns: Under Pressure

NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat 2023

Kevin Stefanski’s first season at the helm of the Cleveland Browns was nothing short of spectacular. The team’s impressive 11-5 record and a glorious Wild Card triumph over the Pittsburgh Steelers painted a picture of a perfect pairing between Stefanski and Baker Mayfield.

Unfortunately, the subsequent seasons haven’t been as promising, and with Mayfield now departed and replaced by Deshaun Watson, Stefanski finds himself among the NFL coaches on the hot seat. If Cleveland is to escape predictions of finishing last in the AFC North, a stellar performance from Watson and the entire offensive unit is vital for Stefanski’s survival.

Malik Willis Seahawks: Should They Make the Trade?

Mike McCarthy – Dallas Cowboys: In the Spotlight

NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat 2023

The Dallas Cowboys’ situation is unique. If this were any other team, Mike McCarthy would be in a comfortable position after leading the Cowboys to a 12-5 season and a playoff victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Nevertheless, the urgency for better postseason outcomes puts McCarthy among the NFL coaches on the hot seat. The decision to part ways with Kellen Moore, their promising offensive coordinator, has added even more pressure. Now responsible for play-calling, if the Cowboys fail to make or advance in the playoffs, owner Jerry Jones’ patience may wear thin.

Matt LaFleur – Green Bay Packers: The Love Test

NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat 2023

The departure of Aaron Rodgers ushers the Green Bay Packers into the Jordan Love era. Matt LaFleur’s future is now intrinsically tied to Love’s progression. Rodgers’ exit could be a hidden blessing for the franchise, but it could also signify the start of a period of irrelevance.

Whichever way the wind blows, the upcoming season places LaFleur among the NFL coaches on the hot seat.

How Many Times Have the Ravens Won the Super Bowl?

Ron Rivera – Washington Commanders: An Unusual Scenario

NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat 2023

The offseason for Washington Commanders’ Head Coach, Ron Rivera, has been anything but conventional. Amidst the departure of disliked owner Dan Snyder, a fresh wave of optimism has washed over the franchise. Coupled with this, the arrival of Eric Bieniemy as the Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator creates an intriguing dynamic as the team awaits the new owner, Josh Harris.

However, is Rivera’s position secure until the next season? It’s a question that remains unanswered. But it’s worth noting the so-called “Bieniemy effect”. Reports from early Commanders’ OTA sessions suggest Rivera has entrusted many of his responsibilities to Bieniemy, potentially positioning him as the future head coach. This brewing situation is worth monitoring closely as training camp approaches.

5 NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat 2023

These five NFL coaches on the hot seat for the 2023 season must deliver right from the outset. With their respective teams having undergone major transitions in personnel and strategy, these coaches face an uphill battle. It remains to be seen who will rise to the occasion and who will succumb to the pressures of the new season. Regardless of the outcomes, one thing is certain: the upcoming NFL season promises to be as exciting and unpredictable as ever.


USFL Rules 2023 – USFL Rules vs NFL Rules

As we eagerly await the start of the NFL preseason, the XFL has wrapped up a successful reboot. Meanwhile, the revived USFL is back for a second consecutive season, bringing with it a distinct set of rules that are generating plenty of buzz. Let’s dive into the details and understand the nuances of the USFL rules and how they compare to the NFL.

Key Differences in the USFL Rules

Just like the NFL, the USFL delivers high-octane football action. However, the USFL rules deviate from the NFL in several exciting ways, which we’ll explore in this guide.

USFL Roster Size and Play Clock

First up, the USFL roster size. The league limits each team to 50 players, with only 40 active on game days. This smaller size could help the league showcase concentrated talent, ensuring only the top USFL talent takes to the field.

Secondly, the USFL has a 35-second play clock, five seconds less than the NFL’s. This difference seemed to boost the number of plays per game last season, which ultimately means more action for the fans.

USFL Game Timing and Administration

USFL History

A few other key USFL rules pertain to game timing and administration. Halftime is shorter, at only 10 minutes. The play clock uses 35 seconds, with 25 seconds after a stoppage. Crucially, the clock stops on first downs inside the two-minute warning until the ball is made ready for play.

In terms of game administration, coach-to-player communication isn’t shut down before the snap, and the line-to-gain is established via computer imaging rather than sideline chains.

USFL Kickoffs and Onside Scrimmage Alternative

USFL rules around kickoffs are designed to maximize game action. Kickoffs are made from the 25-yard line, and any kick that travels more than 20 yards cannot be recovered for possession by the kicking team.

Also, the USFL allows scoring teams to try a 4th-and-12 play from their own 33-yard line instead of an onside kick, presenting a strategic choice for teams.

USFL Forward Passes and Scoring

One of the most exciting USFL rules allows teams to throw two forward passes on one play, provided both are thrown behind the line of scrimmage. This could pave the way for some highlight-reel trickery.

After a touchdown, the USFL allows for a one-yard extra-point kick, a two-point conversion, or a three-point try from the opposing 10-yard line, offering more ways to score.

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USFL Overtime Rules

Overtime in the USFL is inspired by the XFL’s rules. Teams have three chances to convert from the opposing 2-yard line, with the team converting the most winning. If there’s a tie after three tries, sudden-death rounds decide the winner.

USFL Rules Enhance the Excitement

USFL Rules

The 2023 USFL rules promise to enhance the game’s excitement, speed, and strategy. By blending aspects of both the NFL and XFL, the USFL rules are paving the way for a thrilling football experience.

USFL Special Scoring Rules

In a move that distinguishes the USFL from both the NFL and XFL, teams are given several options for scoring after a touchdown. They can kick a traditional extra-point, attempt a two-point conversion, or go for a three-point play starting from the opposing 10-yard line. This varied system of scoring opens up a wealth of strategic options and keeps the games unpredictable and exciting.

The defense also gets an opportunity to score if they manage to return a conversion to the offense’s end zone, earning them two points.

USFL Replay Rules

The USFL has adopted a modern approach to replays, with all replays conducted at the Fox Sports command center in Los Angeles by Mike Pereira. Coaches are permitted one challenge per game, and some fouls that were called on the field can be removed by replay. This includes personal foul, unnecessary roughness, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

USFL Intentional Defensive Pass Interference

USFL Rules

Defensive pass interference is a significant part of the USFL rules. Unlike the NFL, defensive pass interference is a booth review in the USFL and can only be called by the replay official. It’s a spot foul, with a maximum penalty of 15 yards.

The USFL rules certainly stand out when compared to the NFL. These rules promise to keep the games fast-paced and engaging, potentially attracting a new generation of football fans. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how these rules evolve and what impact they have on the league’s success.

FAQs About USFL Rules

Below we explore some frequently asked questions regarding the United States Football League (USFL) and how it differs from the National Football League (NFL).

1. Does the USFL have different rules from the NFL?

Yes, the USFL does have different rules from the NFL. This includes a smaller roster size, a faster play clock, and unique regulations for scoring, among others. These modifications help give the USFL a distinct flavor and pace compared to the NFL.

2. How Much Do USFL Players Make?

Absolutely, USFL players do get paid. In 2023, players can earn a maximum annual salary of $74,000. This figure encompasses a $400 weekly stipend and assumes that the player is active for each of the team’s 10 regular-season games and two playoff games, and also wins the 2023 USFL championship.

3. Is the scoring the same for USFL as NFL?

While there are similarities, the USFL has added some twists to its scoring system. The league has incorporated elements from both the NFL and XFL. As in the NFL, they allow a one-yard extra-point kick or a two-point conversion. However, echoing the XFL, they also offer a three-point try after a touchdown, where the scoring team can attempt one play starting at the opposing 10-yard line.

4. What items are prohibited in USFL?

Several items are forbidden at USFL games for safety and enjoyment purposes. These include fireworks, flashlights, food, beverages, liquids (such as cans, bottles, flasks, cups, etc.), and goods intended for unauthorized sale, promotion, or giveaway. Also, illegal substances, knives, pocket knives, box cutters, scissors, etc., are not allowed.

5. Is XFL or USFL more popular?

Both leagues have their unique appeal, but overall, the USFL has a larger audience. However, the XFL has demonstrated a stronger performance in attracting the adult 18-49 demographic. The USFL continues to innovate, implementing new rules to distinguish itself from both the NFL and other football leagues.

6. Why does the USFL have no fans?

The main reason behind the USFL’s smaller fan presence at games is the current venue arrangement. Instead of teams playing in their home stadiums, the eight league teams are spread across Detroit, Memphis, Birmingham, and Canton, Ohio. This displacement may contribute to a lower turnout of fans.

What is the USFL

What is the USFL? (United States Football League)

Many football fans are asking the question “What is the USFL?” Well, the United States Football League is an active professional American football league that debuted on April 16, 2022. While it shares its name with an older league that operated from 1983 to 1985, this modern incarnation isn’t directly affiliated with its predecessor. The current league is a joint venture between Brian Woods, the founder, and Fox Corporation’s sports unit, Fox Sports.


Distinct from the behemoth NFL, it is a minor league that functions independently. Unlike the NFL, where games are played in the home cities of respective teams, all matches during the 2022 season took place in Birmingham, Alabama. The USFL’s goal is to create a space for players to continue their pro careers after the NFL.

USFL Champions and Venues

The reigning champions, as of 2023, are the Birmingham Stallions, who clinched the title against the Philadelphia Stars. For its inaugural 2022 season, all regular-season games were hosted in Birmingham, Alabama, while postseason games took place in Canton, Ohio, at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.

USFL vs XFL: A Comparison

While the USFL and XFL both offer an alternative to the NFL, the United States Football League has been lauded for more evenly distributing talent among its teams, leading to increased unpredictability and excitement in game outcomes.

Ownership and Attendance

The USFL is owned by Fox Sports, which reportedly committed between $150 to $200 million for the league’s operations over three years. Attendance at USFL games has been encouraging, with a significant number of fans turning out to support their teams.

The USFL’s Purpose

It provides an alternative platform for professional football. It leverages nostalgia, sound financial backing, and robust broadcasting partnerships to provide a stage for players and coaches to showcase their talent in a competitive setting. By securing most of the original league’s trademarks, they also create a sense of familiarity.

FAQs About What is the USFL (United States Football League)

Do USFL players get paid?

Reports indicate that in 2023, a player can potentially earn an annual salary up to $74,000. This amount consists of a weekly stipend of $400 and is based on the assumption that the player will participate in all of their team’s ten regular-season games and two playoff matches, and win the 2023 USFL championship.

Is USFL and XFL the same?

No, they are two separate professional football leagues. Both leagues serve as alternatives to the NFL, but they have different structures, teams, and schedules.

Can NFL players play in the USFL?

Yes, especially if they are not currently signed to an NFL team. It can serve as a platform for these players to continue their careers in professional football.

Is the USFL connected to the NFL?

No, it operates independently of the NFL. However, it can serve as a feeder league. This means it allows potential future NFL stars to showcase their skills in USFL games.

1976 Seattle Seahawks

What Year Did the Seattle Seahawks Join the NFL?

In the grand landscape of American professional gridiron football, the Seattle Seahawks have a distinctive place. The 1976 Seattle Seahawks highlight an intriguing narrative of growth, resilience, and success in the National Football League (NFL).

1976 Seattle Seahawks: An Emergence

The 1976 Seattle Seahawks were born from the seeds of expansion sown by the NFL. Their inaugural season saw them sharing their infancy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A year later, they transitioned from the National Football Conference (NFC) to the American Football Conference (AFC).

The Seahawks celebrated their first winning season in 1978 under head coach Jack Patera. He then earned NFL Coach of the Year honors. It was an early demonstration of the Seahawks’ potential, foreshadowing the successful trajectory of the 1976 Seattle Seahawks.

Notable Figures in the Early Days of the 1976 Seattle Seahawks

The early days were graced by stellar players like quarterback Jim Zorn and wide receiver Steve Largent. Largent’s prowess on the field led him to become the NFL’s all-time leading receiver by the time of his retirement. His contributions were recognized when he became the first Seahawk inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1995.

Has Seattle ever won a Super Bowl?

The Seahawks have indeed tasted the sweet victory of the Super Bowl defeating the Denver Broncos 43-8. Their remarkable performance in 2014 led them to their first Super Bowl title, representing a milestone in the team’s history and a crowning achievement for the 1976 Seattle Seahawks legacy.

Who founded the Seattle Seahawks?

The 1976 Seattle Seahawks were the brainchild of Seattle Professional Football Inc., which was created by Herman Sarkowsky and Ned Skinner. With the NFL’s expansion plan in the 1970s, the consortium acquired an NFL franchise, marking the birth of the Seahawks.

Have the Seahawks always been in Seattle?

The Seahawks have always called Seattle their home. From the initial years at the Kingdome and Husky Stadium to their move to Lumen Field in 2002, they have consistently flown their colors in Seattle. The team’s journey – filled with ups and downs, conference shifts, and triumphant returns – has been deeply intertwined with the city’s culture.

1976 Seattle Seahawks History

Despite experiencing their worst season in 1991, the Seattle Seahawks demonstrated immense resilience. They returned to their original conference, the NFC, in 2002, a year marked by the move to a new stadium and a memorable return to form. This period saw the Hawks re-establishing themselves as an NFL powerhouse.

The 2013 season saw the Seahawks establishing their defensive prowess. The team was recognized as the top-ranked defense in the NFL. Their fan base, known as the “12th Man”, played a crucial role in creating a distinctive home-field advantage. It made their stadium one of the loudest in American professional sports. 

From their inception in 1976 to the present day, the Seahawks have been a team of grit, talent, and an unyielding dedication to the sport. Their history is a testament to their spirit, their place in Seattle, and their significant contributions to the NFL.


Malik Willis Seahawks: Should They Make the Trade?

As the Tennessee Titans made the strategic move to draft former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis as the 33rd overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, the future of sophomore quarterback Malik Willis with the Titans is hanging in the balance. The substantial investment in Levis cements him as the future signal-caller for Tennessee, leaving Willis in the shadows. So does a Malik Willis Seahawks pairing make sense?

Willis, originally the 86th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, was not chosen by the current Titans general manager, Ran Carthon. Without any substantial ties or loyalties towards Willis, Carthon has given a clear indication of his vision by choosing Levis.

Willis experienced a challenging rookie year. Despite making an appearance in eight regular-season games, including three as the starter, Willis only managed to complete just over half of his pass attempts (31-of-61), yielding a mere 276 yards. Without scoring any touchdowns and conceding three interceptions and two fumbles out of three, his performance was far from impressive.

Although the Titans are seemingly ready to concede their gamble on Willis, his raw talent from his time at Liberty still shines through. It’s this lingering potential that keeps the trade market alive for Willis.

Seahawks Malik Willis: A Perfect Match?

Rumors swirled around the Seahawks’ intent to draft Anthony Richardson with the No. 5 overall selection. However, Richardson was taken one pick earlier by the Indianapolis Colts, leaving the Seahawks once again without a drafted quarterback.

The Seahawks’ general manager, John Schneider, has shown unwavering faith in Geno Smith, as evident in the lucrative three-year, $75 million contract extension offered to him. With no immediate successor in sight, the current backup quarterback, Drew Lock, seems to be on his way out as he enters a critical season in 2023.

Trading for Malik Willis could provide the Seahawks with a new perspective at the quarterback position. Willis, with his raw talent, offers an interesting prospect, akin to a lottery ticket, that could pay off significantly under the right conditions.

Why the Seahawks Should Trade for Malik Willis

Despite his struggles with the Titans, Willis still has the intriguing physical traits that initially made him an enticing prospect. His raw talent and the potential to improve under the right tutelage make him an exciting prospect for a team like the Seahawks, who are looking for a promising successor to Geno Smith. Willis’s potential to shine might be untapped, and a change of scenery, under a team that can nurture his development, might be just what he needs.

Trading for Malik Willis would be a bold move for the Seahawks, but one that could potentially yield great rewards. It’s a move that’s worth considering and one that could reshape the future of the Seahawks’ quarterback position.

What Does the Future Hold for Maliks Willis?

Malik Willis represents an opportunity for the Seattle Seahawks. His raw talent, when honed properly, could yield significant returns. While his rookie season was marred by struggles, he demonstrated physical traits that are promising for any team. Under the right circumstances, he could develop into the quarterback the Seahawks need to secure their future success.

The Seahawks have always been a team unafraid to take risks. Bringing Malik Willis on board could be one of those daring moves that ultimately pays off in spades. The trade might require an initial leap of faith, but the potential rewards are certainly worthy of consideration. With Willis, the Seahawks might just be holding a winning ticket for their future.